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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev350-190123

2019 年 1 月 23 日 by yo yamgatta

Rev: 350
Author: sandeep
Last modification:Rev 350 - 2019-01-21 10:23:41 -0500 (Mon, 21 Jan 2019)
Log message: 2019/01/21
1) Added a new EXPORTFERESULTS sub-menu to the POSTROC menu.
This new menu will allow the export of FE displacement and stresses
to OP2 files. OP2 files can be generated for imported meshes like
housings and carriers, and also for tooth meshes ilke
SUNs, HYPOIDs, BEVELs, etc. When tooth meshes are exported, all
results are in the mesh attached reference frame, so that results
from individual teeth and time steps can be combined for fatigue
analysis. The OP2 file contains mesh information in GEOM1, GEOM2, EPT
and MPT tables, and the results in OUG and OES tables. The OUG and OES tables
have one record for each tooth (instance), and each time step.

2) Added new option "INNERRACELIP"to the tapered bearing menus.
When it is turned off, the roller axial constraint between the roller
and the inner race will be replaced by one between the roller
and the outer race. For a detailed tapered bearing, the mesh
generator will move the lip from the inner race to the outer
race and the contact constraint between the roller and inner race
lip will be replaced with a contact constraint between the roller and
an outer race lip. The location of the thrust center is also
accordingly affected.

3) Added UR as a new option for COMPONENT in the
SHAFTDEFORMN post-processing menu. this will calcuate an
average of the radial displacement at each section Z of the shaft.


1) OP2出力を試した結果です。
 ・ファイル名を指定して start