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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev344-180910

2018 年 9 月 13 日 by yo yamgatta

2018/09/11 に連絡が入りました。弊社サーバの場所は
install/TM3D/Rev344_180910 下にアップしてあります。

以下リリースノートですが、(14) (15) は米国内クラウドユーザのみ対象です。

r344 | sandeep | 2018-09-11 13:40:30 -0400 (Tue, 11 Sep 2018) | 50 lines
1) In the SEARCHSTRESS menu, if the number of teeth selected is larger than
  7, it will now output stresses at all those teeth to the ASCII output file,
  even though it only plots one curve with the composite of those teeth.
2) Added an AUTOTOOTH capability to the TOOTHLOAD,
  will make it easier to write a batch file that
  can automatically select the tooth range.
3) Updated users MultyxPreAndPostProcessingManual to show usage of the AUTOTOOTH
4) Enabled file drag & drop to load the
  bearing modification table for pinion bearing
  in iSys. The file must be in comma separated value format.
5) Added Python extension modules for calyx for
  Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 for Windows and RHEL/CentOS 7.2
6) Added a python example of using the calyx python
  extension module along with PythonOCC to create
  STEP and IGES formatted CAD files for a Hypoid gear/pinion.
7) When a roller bearing cage stiffness is requested to be automatically calculated,
  the damping was previously being set to zero. Now the damping terms are calculated
  based on the auto-calculated stiffness terms multiplied by the RALEIGHTBETA
  parameter in the MATERIAL menu. If you are running a time-domain model with
  detailed roller bearing, the effectinve damping in your model will change.
8) Bug fix: Tapered roller bearings used inside the CARRIER|PINION|BEARING menu had
  incorrectly implemented contact angle.
9) Bug fix: Fixed contact convergence issue with roller
  bearings when the rollers are allowed to spin.
10) Bug fix: There was problem with convergence in the
  face-hobbed mesh generator, in the presence of Toprem
11) Bug fix: The TOOTHLDHIST command was not outputting to file when
  the OUTPUTTOFILE option was turned ON
12) Bug fix: multyx was crashing when entering the BRGCONTACT or BRGPATTERN menu.
13) Bug Fix: The menu POSTPROC|POINTDISPL was failing when TOOTHBEGIN>TOOTHEND.
USA only - Ohio Super Computer Center Cloud service
14) Added Relational data base interface. Contact,
  Pattern and fillet stress results can now be
  posted to a relational database (MySQL, PostGreSQL,
  Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle)
  during the analysis stage. Results can be
  retrieved and processed later through SQL queries. The
  feature is enabled through the WRITEDATABASERSULTS checkbox in the SETUP
  menu, and the controls will show up in the SETUP|DATABASE submenu.
  A database has to be installed separately,
  and a DSN has to be created in order to use this capability.
15) Updated license server to support metered
  licensing when used with a data base server.
  The new server also writes the duration of each license session to the log file.