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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev340、Hypoid FM, FH, K

2018 年 5 月 14 日 by yo yamgatta


1) Added 4 point bearing feature.
2) Added journaling capability to multyx. When multyx is used from
 Guide, or directly from the command line, all the users inputs
 are journaled to a file calyxtmp/multyxjournal<date>.txt.
 This journal can be used either for troubleshooting, or
 to create batch file inputs.
3) Added roller and race tabular modifications for
 thrust roller bearings.
4) Added bearing defect (pit) capability. Elliptical pits can be
 created on the roller, inner race and outer race for
 bearings with TYPE=GENERAL, TAPER or BALL.
5) Added an option to allow rollers to spin about their axis.
  Without this option, rollers simply orbit without spinning.
  Turn OFF the FIXEDROLLER option to allow the roller to spin.
 This will be essential for correctly computing the rolling and
 sliding velocities in the bearing, and also for correctly
  predicting the response due to pit defects on the roller surface.
6) iGlass, Guide, multyx, cvtabq and calyx are now running under Wine on
 on newer Linux distro.
7) Improvements to Nastran condensed file reader. Now
 there is no need to remove the GRID and SPOINT cards from the file.
8) Bug Fix: The Abaqus file converter was crashing when
  an Abaqus file has a space after a command.
9) Bug Fix: The Abaqus file converter was crashing when
 an Abaqus file has a command with a comma after the last record.
10)Bug fix: Memory leak was fixed.
11)Bug fix: T3D mesh generator was crashing for hypoid gears with a
 a secondary or tertiary cone angle of 90 degrees.
12)Bug fix: The spherical roller bearing mesh generator was not
 working correctly when the AXPOSN1 and AXPOSN2 values for the outer race
  were not equal and opposite.
13)Added an additional check for spherical bearings. We are now
  checking to make sure that the radius of curvature of the inner and outer
 grooves is not smaller than the crown radius of the roller.

Hypoid-FaceMilled Rev188, Hypoid-FaceHobbed Rev150, Hypoid-K Rev33