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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev337

2018 年 2 月 5 日 by yo yamgatta


Rev 337 - 2018-01-30 05:21:49 -0500 (Tue, 30 Jan 2018)
Log message: 2018/01/30
1) Added Effective Helix angle calculation for beveloidgears.
  The calculated value is shown under the "Calculated Values"
  dropdown in the "Involute" tab.

2) Added new solver control PARALLELIZE_CONTACT_SOLVER in the
   SETUP menu. By default it is turned OFF. If it is turned ON,
   it will use a new contact solver on those builds where
   MPI is available (Windows and RHEL7.2). On other
   builds (Fedora, SLES6.2, RHEL6.4, RHEL5.8), this flag has no effect.

   Windows版と、Linux REHL7.2版のみで有効となる新接触ソルバーです。

   PARALLELIZE_CONTACT_SOLVER ON  : 5,099s (2,717s)   
          ( )内は、接触ソルバの時間。
  ON にするだけで、接触ソルバは10% 程度高速化されています。

3) Fixed the reading of dynamically condensed housing fromAbaqus.
   Previously the mass matrix and generalized(retained modal) degrees
  of freedom wee not being  read from an Abaqus .mtx file.

4) Added a new post-processing script
   that allows you to evaluate the stress and strain fields
   at subsurface samples inside the local deformation field for
   a rolling element bearing.

5) Bug fix: The post-processing graphs for a bearing
   were not working correctly for thrust-roller bearings.

6) Bug fix: A negative axial error was not being allowed
   for straight-bevel pinions.

7) Bug fix: Fixed a problem with the geometric search that was
   causing uneven load distribution on rolling elements.