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ANSOL Transmission3D Rev322

2017 年 5 月 29 日 by yo yamgatta


・Transmission3D のディレクトリ名は、TM3D になりました。


Rev 322 – 2017-05-18 16:18:14 -0400 (Thu, 18 May 2017)
1)Added option to allow user defined reference frames for bearings.
  Previously, the user could only specify the Z axis of the bearing,
  and the X and Y axes were automatically calculated. Now the user
  can use the SPECIFY_X_AXIS checkbox to also specify the X axis
  orientation. The Y axis is therefore also determined.

2)Added a small reference frame in the top right corner of the 3D
  windows in iSys to indicate the orientation of the reference frame.
  The X, Y, Z axes are identified by the their color.

  HYPOID|SUMMARYFILE menu, to read the Gleason text summary. If the .spa file
  is not available, but the machine summary is available, then
  this button can be used to load the machine settings and cutter
  geometry. The LOAD_SB_SUMMARY loads both sides. The other two
  buttons will load only a single side.

4)Added torque harmonics feature. If the rotor is of TYPE+OUTPUT,
  then a ENABLE_TORQUEHARMONICS checbox is visible. Turning
  on this option will allow you to superimpose NTORQUEHARMICS
  harmonics. Each harmonic in the ROTOR|HARMONIC menu is specified
  by an AMLPITUDE, ORDER and PHASE. AMPLITUDE is the zero to peak
  variation. ORDER specified the harmonic’s frequency as an
  order (multiple) of the rotor’s rotation frequency. A PHASE
  of zero will create maximum torque at T=0.

5)Added a way to have higher resolution at specific
  teeth for conformal sun-ring contact. This will be
  useful in modeling splines. Use the ENABLE_MULTIPLE_CONTACT_GRID
  checkbox in the PAIRS menu to access this feature.

6)Added a way to have higher resolution at a specific bearing roller.
  Use the ENABLE_MULTIPLE_CONTACT_GRID checkbox in the
  bearing’s CONTACT_GRID menu to access this feature

7)Peak memory is now reported in MB instead of GB.

8)Increased number of load sensors, number of FE Probes and
  number of surface gages to 400

9)Added option to parallelize geometric search.

10)When creating a report file from iSys, it did not create
  the file correctly if the path name has a space in it

11)Added flank TWIST modification for involute gears

12)Added new ADD_BASE_SHAFT button in Guide, in the HYPOID|COMMON menu
   of face-milled and Face-hobbed gears and pinions, to crteate a
   shaft that correctly interfaces with a hypoid.

13)Added USE_SPRD_BLD_THICKNESS checkbox in the COMMON menu
   for face-milled pinion and gear. When this option is checked,
   the machine settings for both sides must be the same, otherwise
   and error message will be emitted. If the machine settings are
   the same for both sides, then it will assume that both sides of
   the tooth slot are cut simultaneously, so it does not need to
   ask the user for the tooth thickness.

14)Added a coefficient of friction to customized menu for
   the SHAFT-SHAFT contact PAIR in iSys. Previously it was only visible
   in the native menu and in Guide.

15)Added a PARALLELIZE_SEARCH checkbox in the SETUP menu. It is
   turned OFF by default. Turning it ON enables an experimental
   feature, which parallelizes the geometric search part of the
   analysis. It is not 100% stable, so it is only meant for

16)Bug Fix: Models with both roller bearing and a shaft segment with non-zero
   rigid constraint failed to load in calyx.

17)Bug fix: On Linux, the memory footprint reported did
   not include virtual memory.

18)Bug fix: When using adaptive grid sizing, calyx could crash if the
   STARTANAL command is used without a preceding GENERATE command.

19)Bug Fix: Changes in Rev 318 triggered generate error when
   RING-PINION pair is defined in the CARRIER menu.

20)Bug Fix: Fixed a problem with geometric search for a hypoid gear pair.