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ANSOL Transmission3D Rev308

2016 年 10 月 4 日 by yo yamgatta

2016/10/03 Rev308がリリースされました。弊社サイトからダウンロード可能です。

リリースノート Rev308

Rev 308 – 2016-10-03 14:00:13 -0400 (Mon, 03 Oct 2016)
Log message:    2016/10/03
1) Bug fix: Conical races were being considered coincident
if their apexes were coincident, even if their cone
angles were different. Their axial distances were also being ignored.
2) Bug fix: When a GENERATE operation is carrier out on a model,
the variables were changing by a small amount (in the 17th
decimal place.) This caused problems when doing
a difference on the REPORT.TXT files.
3) If a session file contains a bad graphics window, all
subsequent 2D graphics operations in Guide were disappearing.
Now the graphics window is repaired before the 2D graphics are


リリースノート Rev306

1) Bug fix: The previous revision (305) was crashing when the number
of contact constraints was = zero.
2) Bug fix: The previous revision (305) was crashing when the NTHREADS
was set to a large number.
3) Bug fix: When a model has no shaft segments in any rotor,
none of the 2D post-processing graphs were working correctly.
The graphics window size was tied to model size, which in turn
was tied to the dimensions of shaft segments. The logic breaks
when a model has no shaft segments.
4) Bug fix: Tabular modifications for bearings with mutiple
rows was not working whena different table is provided for each row.
5) Bug Fix: For straight bevel gears, the value of RIMTYPE was being
checked for bevel gears with TYPE=WEBBED, even though users
are not allowed access to the RIM menu when TYPE=WEBBED.
6) Changed the default value of SMALLESTPIVOTALLOWED from
4.0e-15 to 4.0e-14. We found one case where the default value
was too small.

リリースノート Rev305

1) The THETAZ specified for a rotor with TYPE=INPUT
is now taken into consideration while detecting which sides
of gear teeth make contact. Previously this value
was being ignored, causing problems for systems where
the loading is generated using the THETAZ input.
2) The shaft segment UR, UZ and U_THETA constraint values are
now exposed in the segment custom menu of iSys. Previously they
were only visible in Guide and in the native menus in iSys
3) An external torque can now be applied to a pinion body.
The new torque item is in the CARRIER|PINION|GROUP|LOADS submenu.
4) Added curvic-coupling mesh generator under HYPOID menu. A
new optional license feature has been added in order to access this
mesh generator.
4) Allowing conformal contact and tip contact for HYPOID_HYPOID pair
5) Added root apex for straight bevel gears with octoid profile
6) Changed the displacement node interpolation for FaceMilled gears
to project them to quadrature cones. This improves the shape of the tooth.
It will have a small effect on the stress numbers for the
integrated hypoid mesh generator. The same update will be posted
to the HypoidFaceMilled software.
7) Added sample batch files RunAllCases.bat and RunOneCase.bat. These
show how to run many cases sequentially, while changing a few parameters.
8) Bug fix: A tapered roller bearing with LOCATION_TYPE=THRUSTCENTER was
not correctly generating the Front and Back interfaces for
the inner and outer races. So the bearing would not
connect with other members on these interfaces. It was working
9) Bug Fix: Bevel pinions with conical base was unable to connect
to pinion shaft segment
10)Bug fix: Runs with SOLUTIONTYPE=NEWMARK were crashing in the
previous revision (Rev 301). Older revisions (before 301) were OK.
11)Bug fix: When a non standard stiffness matrix type bearing is used with
MATRIXTYPE=FULL option, the stiffness terms on the
upper right and lower left quadrants of the stiffness
matrix (and damping matrix) are not displayed correctly
in iSys. The internal data is correct when viewed through
Guide, in the REPORT file, of in the system.cfg file.
iSys has been fixed.
12)Bug fix: When a non standard stiffness matrix type bearing is used with
MATRIXTYPE=DIAGONAL, the wrong damping terms were being
displayed in the menu (in both Guide and iSys).
13)Added a check to make sure that contact surface names are not
repeated inside an imported carrier.
14)Added a check to make sure that the length a roller
in a ball bearing is not too close to the diameter of the
15)Added a check to make sure that the user does not set the
the name of a CONNECTOR to DUMMYSTIFFNESS. Using this
name can cause the solver to crash. This name is used
for internal connections in the model.
16)Bug fix: When a pinion DECK is copied and pasted, the newly
created copy was not showing up in the 3D views.
17)Bug fix: After a session file is saved and then
re-opened, the visibility of an individual carrier group did not
correctly reflect its saved state.
18)Bug fix: Face-milled generator was failing for one example.
19)Bug Fix: Corrected the custom menu for shaft segments. The menu was
allowing users to apply flexible constraints to conical
outer and inner surfaces.
20)Bug fix: When the path to the installation folder consists
of folders all of whose length is 8 characters or less, iSys
was crashing due to a buffer overflow during the Generate stage.