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ANSOL Transmission 3D Rev.298

2016 年 5 月 17 日 by yo yamgatta

5/13 ANSOL Transmission 3D Rev.298 がリリースされました。

1) Added Tertiary face cone capability for face-milled and face-hobbed
   hypoid pinions and gears. In the HYPOID|COMMON menu, if the
   SECONDARYFACE checkbox is enabled, the TERTIARYFACE checkbox
   will appear.
2) When a shaft segment has a rigid constraint on its inner
   our outer surface, we can now specify a value forUR, UTHETA or UZ on
   that surface using the URINNER, UTHETAINNER, UZINNER, or
3) The AXIALOFFSET item in the GROUP menu has been removed–it was
   not being used by anybody, and was creating confusion. A similar effect
   can be obtained by other means.
4) Added a new spreadsheet HypoidWithEPGAlphaInT3D.xlsx in the scripts folder
   that shows how to set up a small two-rotor hypoid pair model with
   specified E,P,G,Alpha values.
5) Added a new script postexportgearcontactresults.cmd that will output
   gear contact information for a specific PAIR into an Ascii file. Also added a
   matching matlab file ImportGearContactResults.m that will allow a user to load
   this data. User can insert their own matlab code inside the time-step loop
   to do any calculations they want.
6) The zombie calyx process problem is now fixed
7) Bug fix. The protuberance model of Release 295 had an error.
   It  was generating an incorrect protuberance.
8) Bug fix: The banded colors option in iGlass was not placing the color
   bands and contours at precisely correct location. There was a small
   mismatch between the attribute value displayed at a node and the location of
   the color bands around that node.
9) Bug fix: The Parabolic tip relief check box for a planetary pinion in  iSys
   was not triggering a redraw of the profile modification chart.
10) Bug fix: The shaper-cut internal mesh generator was crashing.



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