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ANSOL Transmission 3D Rev.297

2016 年 4 月 28 日 by yo yamgatta

ANSOL Transmission 3D Rev.297 と POST操作マニュアルがリリースされました。


1) Added a new script PostEPGAlpha.cmd which can reconstruct the EPGAlpha.DAT
file using the results in the binary postproc file.
2) Updated users’ manual. Separated the users manual into two parts. The
second part is called Multyx pre- and post-processing manual, and
is common to all our Guide based programs.
3) Bug fix: When both sides of a stiffness bearing connect to the same body,
its effect was being incorrectly accounted for in the AUDIT menu.
The AUDIT menu force balance was not adding up correctly.
4) Bug fix: The straight bevel gear condensation was running very slow
in previous release (Revision 296).
5) Bug fix. When an imported shaft segment is connected on its back
side to a regular (DEFINEGEOMETRY) shaft segment, the orders
at its back interface were not being calculated correctly.
The front interface was working correctly.