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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev341 改め Build 180626

2018 年 6 月 29 日 by yo yamgatta
Transmission3D Rev341 → 今回から Build 180626 となります。
ANSOLからは、Rev341公開 と連絡が入りますが、この341 という番号はインストール、

ダウンロード用ファイルの場所 install/TM3D/20180626/


2018.06.26 (Rev341)
1)The flag INVOLUTE_MODIFICATION_TYPE has been added
 to the EDIT menu. It can take a value of LEGACY or STANDARD.
 Transmission3D has always applied the lead, crown, topo
 and bias modifications in the surface normal direction. Gearing
 standards prefer to measure modifications in the transverse
 direction. This flag will allow you to pick the old method(LEGACY),
 or the recommended method (STANDARD). This choice
 will be applied to SUNs, RINGs and PINIONs.

2)Added new calyx script function Output_Load_Data_Light() function.

3)iGlass has been fixed to work correctly on higher
 resolution (UHD) monitors.

4)Bug fix: In a planetary model with a rigid carrier, using a spherical
 bearing was crashing calyx.

5)Added featured to drag & drop modification file(csv) for thrust bearing.

6)Bug fix: The face milled generator was generating a wavy
 surface near the heel or toe end near a very steep secondary
 or tertiary face cone.

7)Bug fix: Unable to generate hypoid gears with secondary or
 tertiary cone angle equal to 90 degrees.

8)Added interface to new version of license server. It still works
 normally with old license server versions.

9)Bug fix: a shaft segment with a stepped inner surface and
 conical outer surface (or vice-versa) was being generated with
 incorrect cone dimensions.

10)Bug fix: The front/back shoulder diameters for the inner/outer race
 were being incorrectly calculated for ball bearings.

11)Bug fix: If the SAMEMOD_ALLROWS check box is turned off
 for a bearing of TYPE=GENERAL, then it was crashing calyx.

12)Bug fix: Tabular modifications applied to a race of a thrust
 roller bearing were not being correctly applied.

13)Bug fix: rolling element bearings of TYPE != GENERAL and

14)Bug Fix: BRGPATTERN for thrust roller bearing were not
being generated for certain cases

3)iGlass 4Kモニタでの表示比較 - 同じデータ&視点でフルスクリーンで比較




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