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ANSOL Transmission3D Rev318

2017 年 4 月 7 日 by yo yamgatta

米国時間 2017/04/06付で、Transmission3D Rev318がリリースされました。


Rev 318 – 2017-04-06 16:45:18 -0400 (Thu, 06 Apr 2017)
Log message:    2017/04/06
1) IMPORTANT: This update has changes to the
   system configuration file and substructuring
   method for imported meshes. When using old models,
   delete the calyxtmp folder before running this new
   If using imported Abaqus or Nastran meshes, you
   will also need to delete old post-processing
   data (postproc.dat) files and recreate by
   rerunning the analysis. Otherwise
   the program will hang.

2) Added a fillet lines to the pattern menu.

3) Now we can load abaqus files with multiple
   ‘*Part’ commands.

4) Double-clicking a vertex in iGlass outputs
   Global position and displacement vector to file

5) Added buttons for -X, -Y and -Z projections in iGlass

6) Added a “Save View” and a “Load View” button to iGlass

7) Added ADAPTIVEGRID option for rolling element bearings

8) Added a “Browse for Folder” button when loading
   post-processing results through Guide.

9) Added a summary of SETUP parameters to the log upon
   start of analysis.

10) Bug fix: When there are two straight bevels in a model, and
    one of the bevels has ORIENTATION=SAME and the the other
    bevel has ORIENTATION=OPPOSITE, then the synchronization
    operation was not working.

11) Fixed problem with the axial offset applied to an
    imported shaft segment that contains multiple files.

12) Fixed problem with the display of constrained nodes
    in an imported housing. that contains multiple files.

13) Fixed a bug in the straight bevel mesh generator.

14) Fixed a bug in the EXPORTFEMODEL menu. It was crashing
    calyx for one example.

15) Bug fix: The values displayed for NETA and NZETA in
    the EXPORTFEMODEL menu were not correct (The
    current value of NXI was displayed in their place.)

16) Bug fix: A planetary pinion with an asymmetric tooth
    was crashing Transmission3D.