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ANSOL Transmission3D Rev312

2017 年 1 月 18 日 by yo yamgatta

米国時間で、1月17日にANSOL Transmission3D Rev312がリリースされました。


Rev 312 – 2017-01-17 08:40:27 -0500 (Tue, 17 Jan 2017)
Log message:    2017/01/17
1) Added surface pit feature for RING, SUN, PINION and
   HYPOIDs. Not yet added for straight bevels.
   The pit is modeled by adding the pit depth to the initial
   separations just before the contact algorithm. The user
   specifies the pit location (sProf,tFace), the tooth
   number, tooth side (1 or 2), pit depth, and pit dimensions.
   The pit affects the contact pattern, load distributions,
   and reactions forces.
2) Added ability to save a session file for an older version of T3D.
4) Added RHEL 7.2 build to Linux folder.
5) Added example in the PlanetaryExamples
6) Bug fix: When NSTEPSWRITE is not 1, an analysis would not run.
7) Bug fix: For the case of a planetary set with a compound pin
    and a compound pinion shaft, and with a stiffness matrix type
of bearing, the pin position error was being incorrectly applied.
8) Updated the manuals.
 (Manual/Transmission3d_manual.pdf & Transmission3DExamples.pdf)
9) Bug fix: The RUNOUT and SKEW errors in HYPOID gears was
     having no effect.
10) Bug fix: Abaqus .inp files with Lines of length 0, with windows
      type line-endings were crashing the program on a Linux machine.
11) Bug Fix: The POSTPROC|SHAFTDEFLECTION menu was crashing multyx
      when there is more than one shaft on the rotor.
12) Bug Fix: The chamfer feature was broken in Revision 301 (July 19 2016)
13) Bug fix: The “Write Report Script..” feature in iSys was generating
      a broken script file with no values for the switch variables.
14) Bug fix: The SUBSURF post-processing menu was outputting the
     octahedral stress instead of VonMises stress when COMPONENT=VONMISES
15) The PREPROC|EXPORTFEMODEL command crashed Calyx for one example case.
16) Bug fix: when working in British units, Module is displayed in iSys
      instead of Diametral Pitch for a newly added SUN, RING or pinion DECK.
17) Bug Fix: The EXPORTFEMODEL menu was not correctly exporting
     the contact forces.
18) Bug fix: The HOUSING_HOUSING contact pairs were crashing calyx when
      more than one contact surface was created on a housing.
19) Bug Fix: Incorrect orders were being applied to
      the front spherical interface of a shaft segment. Because of this,
      any connection made using the spherical interface at the front
      of the shaft segment was causing a displacement discontinuity.
20) Bug fix: It was complaining unnecessarily about IPINSHAFT when
       using a PAIR of TYPE=PIN_PIIONSHAFT
21) Bug Fix: When the ORDERS on a pin or pinion shaft segment are changed, it was
       not triggering a rebuild. Any warning messages about the orders did
       not disappear when the orders were corrected.
22) Bug fix: The new surface defects feature was crashing calyx when there
      are RING-PINION surface pairs.
23) Bug Fix: The PIN_PINIONSHAFT contact was crashing calyx when it was between
     the INSIDE of one and OUTSIDE of the other.